A cooler season experience sure to delight.

Indulge your senses in a harmonious symphony of flavours with our exquisite warm wine and chocolate pairing experience, set amidst the serene beauty of Firescreek Botanical Winery’s enchanting gardens. Savour the warmth of our carefully curated selection of premium fruit wines, expertly crafted to perfection, as they mingle effortlessly with the rich, velvety notes of artisanal hand-made Belgian chocolates. Each sip and bite is a celebration of the finest ingredients, carefully chosen to tantalize your taste buds and elevate your palate to new heights of bliss. Whether you’re seeking a romantic escape or simply a moment of decadent indulgence, our warm wine and chocolate pairing at Firescreek Botanical Winery promises to delight and enchant, leaving you with memories to cherish long after the last sip is savored.

Guest can enjoy responsibly with an 80ml pour of delicious warm wine in flavour combinations to choose from such as Raspberry & Apple wine or Elderberry and Cinnamon wine, served in thermal tempered glasses. Deliciously paired with two hand-made Belgian chocolates by Luka Chocolates. Younger children can book in for a chocolate only experience and bigger kids (8-17 years) can enjoy a warmed juice served in thermal tempered glasses and also two hand-made Belgian chocolates by Luka Chocolates.  

This experience also makes for a lovely gift idea which can be arranged for someone special via the BOOK NOW button by purchasing a gift card. 

A maximum of 18 people only can be booked in for each sitting. For larger group bookings please contact the winery on +61 (0) 2 4365 0768 or email info@firescreek.com.au

Wednesday to Sunday at 11:30am or 1:30pm or 3:30pm time-slots available. 

This experience is only available during the cooler months from April till early September. 

$25.00 per adult (18+) – 80ml of warm wine from the current selection and 2 hand-made Belgian chocolates by Luka Chocolates.

$25 per child (8- 17 years old) – Warmed apple juice and 2 hand-made Belgian chocolates by Luka Chocolates.

* Variations of chocolate or wine only depending on dietary considerations or age. 

* $12.50 per adult non-drinker or non chocolates (18+) – for those adults choosing to have only the 80ml of warm wine or the 2 hand-made Belgian chocolates by Luka Chocolates. 

 *$12.50 per child (2 – 7 years old) – 2 hand-made Belgian chocolates by Luka Chocoate. Due to the thermal tempered glassware used to serve the drinks the warmed juice experience is not available to children under 8 years old. 

Open date gift vouchers available via the BOOK NOW button, where you can purchase a gift card equivalent to the cost of this experience. 

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Rug up and warm up with delicious hot wine paired with melt-in-your-mouth hand-made Belgian chocolates.